• Learning to be aware

    Things have been a little quiet on here and the main catalyst is the organization of a wedding.

    My wedding.

    Whilst a very relaxed and small affair, I learnt what it is to be stressed trying not to be “that bride”.

    I feel as if I succeeded in “keeping my cool” to some degree. Yet, I discovered how my body sends me messages and the actions I take when I choose to listen to them.

    While I listened to these messages and sought treatment to help me through this time, did I do this in a way that best serve me? This experience really instilled the need to maintain an awareness of self and make sure I actioned on these red flags, not leaving it up to the therapist to sort it out for me.

    Self-treatment and awareness is key when healing. Without either of these factors, we may as well be beating the proverbial fish that natural therapies seems to implicate when we think about holistic therapy.

    But there we have it…. the word that sums it up for us.


    The whole of one’s self: mind, body, spirit.

    We can’t just leave it in someone else’s hands, no matter how capable they may be. It is up to ourselves to take control, and ironically…. let go.
    Let go of the body’s holding patterns that dictate how we feel. Let go of the tension and stress that cause us pain, and let go of the expectation that we need to know what is causing the pain in order to heal.

    Just let go.

    Of course all this can often appear easier said than done. One session with your therapist may not heal all wounds, however when we choose to use our awareness there is no longer that restriction and expectation that holds us to these beliefs. Already we’ve taken the first step. So, one session may be all it takes, however we need to be willing to acknowledge ourselves and feel into what our body has been telling us.

    So what is awareness?

    Awareness is feeling the messages of the body, whether whispers or shouting, a conversation that can often feel physical and or emotional. We’ve all been there. A pain in the shoulder that starts off quiet and then appears to go away, only to return some weeks later worse than before.
    These are our signs of awareness. Wanting to feel what the body has to tell you in order to move forward is a huge advantage and you can use this to work with your therapist.
    Learn to engage with your body and you will be much better for it.

    How would it feel to not rely on others to keep you from “breaking”? The more you feel and become aware of your body, the more you are able to recognise what self-treatment (and hands on therapy) you will need to help you from becoming the vehicle on the side of the road with its bonnet up.

    Talk with your therapist about what you can do at home to continue the benefits of the treatment you just received.

    Be responsible for your body and create a relationship with it. It is your greatest tool to becoming happy and healthy.

    Learn to listen, feel and let go.

    L 🙂


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