• Pregnancy Massage, Pre & Post Natal, Mother & Baby

    Pregnancy Massage aids in decreasing the sore aching areas of your body that you may feel whilst experiencing change and growth in your body.
    At Sol e Luna we use specialised support to help keep you and baby in a safe and comfortable position, allowing for maximum comfort and effect during treatment.

    As your body changes and baby increases in size and weight it is normal for ligaments in the pelvis to become more relaxed and accommodating. Due to these changes this can cause low back pain and discomfort for some women. Your therapist can help target these area of concern, to help relieve these symptoms and any other requests.

    Pregnancy massage can help with:

    • Back, neck and shoulder pain
    • Low back pain
    • Sciatica
    • Fatigue
    • Swelling/lymphoedema

    Post natal massage is just as important as Pre natal.

    After many months of carrying baby inside of you and giving birth, your body has no doubt changed.
    Hormones are still moving through your body, and you are now carrying baby in your arms, instead of your belly.
    Focusing on helping to relieve stresses in your back and chest, post natal massage caters for the possibility of not being able to lie face down on the table due to occurrences such as tender breasts, healing caesarian scars, or other obstacles.

    Post natal massage at Sol e Luna also welcomes mothers to bring baby with them and include them in the treatment.

    Pre and post natal massage is appropriate throughout all stages of your pregnancy, tailored exactly to your needs on the day. However, should you have any concerns about receiving treatment during or after your pregnancy, please contact us so your therapist may talk to you and your doctor prior to your appointment.

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